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  • God Called Jeremiah
    June 4, 2018|Kid's
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    The people of the Southern Kingdom of Judah were afraid. They had seen the Assyrians destroy the Northern Kingdom and now they were not sure if they would be able to survive. God called on Jeremiah to speak to the people.   “I chose you before I formed you in the womb; I set you apart before you were born.” These words…

  • Jonah, Prophet to Nineveh
    May 21, 2018|Kid's
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    Last week, we saw Hosea’s amazing love for his unfaithful wife that provided a picture of God’s greater love for His unfaithful people. This week, we looked at Jonah’s lack of love as a contrast.   The Book of Jonah is not primarily about Jonah and a big fish. While those elements are important, Jonah’s account centers…

  • Hosea, Prophet to Israel
    May 15, 2018|Kid's
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    This week, we encountered the curious instructions God gave the prophet Hosea. God sent the prophet Hosea to speak to Israel a message of God’s hatred toward sin and of His coming judgment. God also sent Hosea to bring a message of love—a love that never gives up. God used Hosea’s own life to show Israel what a never-­gives…

  • Hezekiah, Judah’s Faithful King
    May 7, 2018|Kid's
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    He’s a chip off the old block. Like father, like son. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. These idioms exist because sons tend to look and behave like their fathers. When it came to Hezekiah and his father, Ahaz, however, the two were far from similar.   When Ahaz was king of Judah, he did not respect God, God’s…

  • Isaiah Preached About the Coming Messiah
    May 1, 2018|Kid's
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    The Book of Isaiah contains four Servant songs—poems about the servant of God. (See Isa. 42:1­-4; 49:1-­6; 50:4-­9; 52:12–53:13.)   In these poems, the prophet Isaiah describes God’s plan of redemption. We see a vision of the promised Messiah, the innocent substitute who would suffer for the sake of sinners. Through Je…

  • God Called Isaiah
    April 23, 2018|Kid's
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    King Uzziah’s death marked the end of an era. His reign had been long and prosperous. Uzziah became king when he was 16, and he reigned over Judah for 52 years. Uzziah had listened to the prophet Zechariah; he feared God, and God made him prosper. But Uzziah’s pride got the best of him. (See 2 Chron. 26:16.) God struck Uzzi…

  • Elisha and Naaman
    April 16, 2018|Kid's
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    Everyone gets sick at some point in his or her lifetime … often many times! Illness is probably no stranger to your kids. In today’s Bible story, Naaman—a commander for the Syrian army—was really sick. He had leprosy, a skin disease that was likely disfiguring and isolating. Without a cure, Naaman would face great suffering…

  • Elijah Ran from Jezebel
    April 10, 2018|Kid's
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    The prophet Elijah had just witnessed God’s great display of power over the false god Baal. God had sent fire from heaven and then ended a long drought with a great rain. Elijah must have felt a sense of victory; the evil King Ahab could not deny the one true God. But trouble awaited Elijah in the form of Ahab’s wife, Jezeb…

  • Jesus’ Crucifixion and Resurrection
    April 2, 2018|Kid's
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    God’s law for the people was plain. Read Deuteronomy 6:5. But God’s people, and all people, have broken the law. We have loved other things more than we love God. That is sin.   Jesus’ purpose for coming to earth was to save us from our sin. (Matt. 1:21) Why did Jesus have to die? Why couldn’t He just say, “You are for…

  • Jesus’ Triumphal Entry
    March 19, 2018|Kid's
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    The Sunday before Easter is Palm Sunday—the day Jesus entered Jerusalem as the King of kings the week of Passover. Many of God’s people traveled to Jerusalem for Passover.   Jesus and His disciples traveled to Jerusalem as well. Near Bethphage (BETH fayj) and Bethany near the Mount of Olives, Jesus sent two disciples a…


    Pastor's Blog

  • South Carolina Baptist Impact Conference
    February 28, 2018|Pastor's Blog
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    Last Thursday, the staff attended a South Carolina Baptist Impact Conference in Columbia. The first speaker, pastor, Jimmy Scoggins quoted Arthur Ashe; Start where you are, Use what you have, and Do what you can. This is excellent advice for anyone at any time in their life. During Scoggin’s message, he added this; Expect J…